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John Dobson, em discurso directo

Jonh Dobson é um nome incontornável do rugby do Cascais, tendo sido um excelente jogador e treinador do clube nos anos 90. Juntamente com outros jogadores estrangeiros, nomeadamente Sul Africanos, ajudou a subir o nível da equipa nos passados anos 90, tendo deixado saudades entre todos.

Actualmente encontra-se na Nova Zelândia no High Performance Coaching Institute onde trabalha com Dick Muir dos Sharks. Paralelamente é o director do 365.com, onde colabora no rugby365.com.

Name: John Dobson
Nick name: Cabriolet says Cabares, or Johnny Rabo
Age: 38
Club: GDS Cascais and University of Cape Town
Position: Hooker/Flank
Job: Entrepeneur/cattle farmer – serious!
Country: The Republic
Favourite food: Feijoada – but not made by Sr Luis
Favourite book: When Pride Still Mattered – about Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi
Favourite player ever: Joao Jonet

CR: How and in what circumstances did you start playing rugby?
At school, aged 4, like most South Africans.

CR: What position did you play as a youngster, and as a senior player?
Fullback a sa youngster, hooker as a senior player, finishing as a slow but tactically aware 7.

CR: What do you like the most in your position? What do you don’t like?
Hooker is the best position in the world – it is completely dirty and you are always involved in all the shit but you only get good when older. Bad for the neck.

CR: What do you a think is the most important quality a player must have to play in your position?
Must not be scared of anything – there is nowhere to hide.

CR: What do you like the most in rugby?
Playing with friends, the physical challenge an being fit, 17 beers after a game and winning.

CR: Do you miss the old days before 1995, the non-professional days? In what ways do you think rugby as changed since then?
I never played professionally so it is still the old days. I have coached almost professionally and worked with professional teams as a coiach and it is not nearly as much fun now. It is too serious, too much formula and analysis. The era of the 90’s was perfect mix between professional and still some fun.

CR: Are you still involved in coaching? How would you describe a modern rugby coach?
I am currently in New Zealand at their High Performance Coaching Institute with Dick Muir of the Sharks. I am learning more than I thought possible with All Black coaches. To do the job properly now it is a 16 hour day and you need money to train a team to be competitive to provide everything the modern player needs. My coaching career has gone very well and i am enjoying it. The team I am coaching now is super… Played 12 won 12…

CR: What are your thoughts about de SA rugby team for the RWC?
This is the last chance the Springboks have to win the world cup as things will change a lot. I think it is France, NZ, SA or Argentina. I am not sure that Portugal will win it!

CR: What are your thoughts about de SA rugby team for this year’s tri nations? Would you like to guess the result of the next game against Australia?
We will beat Australia with our B team and lose to NZ by 20.

CR: What do you think about de Portugal national side? What, in your opinion, is the best quality of the Portuguese? Have you got a favourite player in the national side (Portuguese)?
I am amazed by what a good job Tomaz has done. They must play with the highest speed ever seen, move the ball wide and spread across the field and pass before contact. Mini ruck and look to offload. Of course my favourite player is the Cabrao de Putu Mini-Muri…and Nuno Durao (I trust he is still in the team).

CR: What do you remember first and last from your adventure at Cascais?
First was breaking every night into Sr Luis restaurant by climbing down the wall of Pavilhao, of stealing beer from Sr Garcia in sala, of getting so drunk at the Nirvana concert and seeing rugby lose money in the bar than handball, Cassiano putting me and Alex out of his Carrinha in Carcavelos…and I think Nicha putting me and Neil out in Lousã…the carrinha, Cassiano, Ayatolla, Louvre, Cabroa de Preto (Alex) driving on Casiano motorcycle, of course "Foi fixe foi fixe quem paga e o Nicha"….I love Nicha but I think he is more interested in playing cards than me…

Of course the championships, and Taca’s and the most fun team I have ever played with…

CR: What do you miss the most?
Not Sr Luis or Sr Formigga or Manuel Rebelo from Pavvilhao. Of course I miss the famous empregado Varzea (Antonio) who I think made fucky fucky with Vanda in Comboio (Neil’s) bed and Joao “Cassy” Cassiano. On a serious note, I loved every minute and everybody in Cascais (except for fava and Manuel from restaurant OK).

CR: How would you describe the Cascais Rugby back then?
Superb – a fantastic style of play with great players and very very nice chaps who I count now as my friends all of them. I also loved the kids that were below us – even Nnheko. I remember Joao Helena well and Pepe and bless you for what you are doing for the club. Nothing makes me happier to see Cascais positive and doing well again and happy.

CR: What was your favourite(s) player(s) in Cascais, and why?
Durao – he was world class…. But a team that had the fat Gomes sisters (Ze and Nuno), Rodrigo, Muri, Tomas, Vasco D, Ricardo D, Bonet, Meia foda (jojo), Preto Alex, John tiago, Jorge, Cabares, Combio, Cajo, Sergio from Benfica, Luis Luis and Enormous Rogerio was very special. I was very lucky.

CR: When was your last time in Portugal? When will you be back?
2000 very quickly. I will be back for an old boys classic with Neil, Russell, Adrian on 5 October to wear the green jersey one more time – would love to chat to the coaches to see if I can help too…

CR: What was the best international player you met playing in Cascais?
.... I suppose Nuno.

CR: What was your best win in Portugal?
Champions in 1991/2 when we beat Benfica at Luz on a small field and we broke the bar where Suzy Paola was and Cajo made me chase the pig at Gandarinha. And Taca Iberica in 1996 when I was coach (asistanmt J Cassiano das Neves).

CR: Is it true that, while in Cascais, you made everything Neal told you to do?
Neil was gay and my bitch. He wanted to have sex with Vanda and Sr Garcia. He is a very sick person.

CR: Neal told us you use to cry a lot at night…is that true?
Yes, its true. Every night.

CR: Do you know that the Five Stars apartment you lived in doesn’t exist anymore? Do you miss that bed?
The bed did not see any action so it is probably OK. I will go and puit flowers where the Quiosque was when we are there in October. I can tell you lots of stories about Pavilhao.

CR: A player who is now 27, but a kid in those days, told us you threw at him several bottles/glasses with a strange liquid inside? Can you reveal what was in there?
Well, that is one of the stories…… I think it must have been tea…

CR: Would you advise Cascais to a young SA player seeking for an international experience? Why?
Definitely and I will organise everything. It would be great culturallky and for the rugby. My Italian friends come but I am sad that my Portugese friends never come. Rogerio came once but he was only interested in Mitchell and not me. Ficou triste.

CR: Can you introduce a little the rugby365.com?
I have a business that does sites like Rugby365, Planet Rugby, Soccer365, Sport365, iafrica.com etc. It is fun…

Obrigado, e um grande abraço ao Jonh!



At 2:49 da tarde, Anonymous miguel carmo said...

Hello Great John!

Super interview! Great stories to be told!

I am not suprised your bed didnt saw any action, the only woman I saw at pavilhão was a south african crazy about Mcallister (of Técnico) he played a prep game with us against the portuguese U19 or so, after the game he was with us for the dinner and a few beers, besides a awful botle of whiskey taken from Sr Luís 5***** restaurant!

Nice to know that you are ok and that You miss us and You are comming to Portugal soon. We are arranging thinks so Sr. Luís cooks your meals for the duration of your staying at Portugal

Miguel Carmo

At 3:00 da tarde, Anonymous Jorge de Herédia @ Move Sports said...

Caro John!

Impressionado com o teu português!

Looking forward to see u in October!

U can all sleep in my Renault 4!


At 6:34 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hi John,

God bless you!!!

Great interview, I do realise now we all were lucky to be there at that time!!!

The big event for October 5th is now cancelled as "bloggers" are not happy anymore with something...!

Of course we can prepare a game and have fun, but the original idea will not happen anymore as I can not do it alone!

"New Kids on the Blog" were doing great things and revitalising Cascais Rugby spirit but suddenly their expectations were wounded..!!

I will try to keep the spirit alive and if you promisse you will come I will help preparing a party, but never as bigger as it was planned.

Hope to see you all soon.



At 1:01 da manhã, Anonymous Anónimo said...

"as "bloggers" are not happy anymore with something...!"

what something? pq é q os bloggers já n estao contentes? alguem explica o q é q se esta a passar?

At 8:45 da manhã, Anonymous kid carcaça said...

Hi Jony Rabson,

why don´t you tell everybody, that the only love affair that you have ever had in Cascais, was with the lovely woman of the green kiosk in front of the " mitic" pavillion.
She was the only woman in Cascais that give some action to that bed.

Now some serious comments:
We all miss you, and we would love to see you in Cascais again, for holidays, or as coach in the future..

Hope to see you soon!

1 grande abraço!

At 5:17 da tarde, Anonymous Manu said...

More than good rugby,you brought to Cascais a special "mystica",and that s why you have such an important place in this club's history forever...
I remember so well to see you sleeping in the ground of "parreirinha"in one of my first cascais rugby dinners...
Great interview...

At 10:50 da manhã, Anonymous Anónimo said...


At 5:22 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

cabeça nao lhe falta..

At 5:22 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

cabeça nao lhe falta..

At 1:45 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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